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Created 31-Jul-17
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16_30_MS Therapy Centre open day_0116_30_MS Therapy Centre open day_0216_30_MS Therapy Centre open day_0316_T30_Friends of Kilbride_01_Liam Griffin16_T30_Friends of Kilbride_02_Liam Griffin16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_01_Piping competition16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_02_Procession16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_03_Oban Pipe Band16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_03_Procession16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_04_Oban Pipe Band16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_06_Left to right,16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_07_Piping competition16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_08_Professional thrower Sebastian Wenta hurls the Nant stone into orbit.16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_09_Innes Munro, 12, and Emma Hill, 15, both from Connel and Oban High School Pipe Band16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_10_The start of the half mile race16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_11_Colin (left)16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_12_Eilidh Shaw came 1st in the Clan McIntyre Trust's award for Gaelic at Rockfield Primary School's Gaelic medium classes.16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_13_Runners start the six mile hill race, won by Alasdair Campbell of Luing (far left).16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_14_Left to right, Taynuilt's four throwers Neil Elliott, brothers Lucas and Sebastian Wenta, and Ranald Fraser.16_T30_Taynuilt Highland Games_14_Neil Elliott launches the light hammer.

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