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Created 22-Mar-17
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Scottish Ballet Executive Director Steven Roth, Board Member Caroline Roxburgh and CEO Artistic Director Christopher HampsonScottish Ballet fundraiser - Alastair Craw, Paul Van De Leeuw and Les HarleyScottish Ballet fundraiser - Cecilia and John CurranScottish Ballet fundraiser - Elly Taylor and Scottish Ballet's Charlotte GrossScottish Ballet fundraiser - Fred MacAulay, John Bogle and Scottish Ballet's Brian HillScottish Ballet fundraiser - Hannah Flynn with Scottish Ballet's Araminta Wraith, Oliver Rydout and Thomas EdwardsScottish Ballet fundraiser - Jocelyn Craw-Harley, Les Harley, Jennifer Craw and Deirdre MichieScottish Ballet fundraiser - Rachel Osborne and Lou CoatesScottish Ballet fundraiser - Scott Coates and Robert GrahamScottish Ballet fundraiser - Scottish Ballet Board Member Keith Ruddock and Rosemary RuddockScottish Ballet fundraiser - Scottish Ballet dancers Laura Joffre and Marge HendrickScottish Ballet fundraiser - Tom and Corinne PatersonScottish Ballet fundraiser -Suzanne Fleming and Mark Llewellin

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