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Created 4-Aug-17
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15_T34 Raft Race - The lifeboat raft, Mora Less, was first to reach the beach16_t30_FootballCamp0116_t30_FootballCamp0216_t30_FootballCamp0316_t30_FootballCamp0416_t30_Oban Bay Hotel0116_t30_Oban Bay Hotel0216_T31_Atlantis mascot_01_Aimee Didcock of Rockfield Primary won the competition to design Atlantis Leisure's new mascot, Leo the Lion, with judges Nick Wesley and Claire Hutchison16_T31_Atlantis mascot_02_Aimee Didcock_Atlantis Leisure_new mascot_Leo the Lion_Nick Wesley_Claire HutchisonT31_sea kayak challenge_02T_31 Cruise shipT_31 PontoonsT_31 Rainbowyes_ t31 kilmory protest 1yes_t31 claire brown 1

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