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16_t29Hannah0116_t29Hannah0216_t29Lismore01_ The Cross Ewe Lambs are lined up for inspection. In the end it was J Carmichael who took the top two stops, with A Mcgillvray taking third place.16_t29Lismore02_ Jim MacCormick stands with his Texel sheep, which was crowned the overall sheep champion.16_t29Lismore03_ Andrew the artist takes shelter as he sketches what is happening at the show.16_t29Lismore04_ Organiser Neil Carmichael, with helpers Iris McColl and Anne Livingstone.16_t29Lismore05_ The spring born bull calves make their way round the pen. The winning calf belonged to D MacCormick.16_t29Lismore06_ Fish, chips, Prosecco, and wellies – everything you need to enjoy the Lismore Agricultural Show.16_t29Lismore07_Nine-year-old Ruan MacColl makes the most of the bad weather.16_t29Lismore08 _ Nine-year-old Ruan MacColl makes the most of the bad weather.16_t29Lismore09_The winner of the Cow and Milk category, and the overall cattle champion, belonged to A Mcgillvray.16_t29Lismore10_ The Junior Cattle Champion belonged to D MacCormick.16_t29Lismore11_ Father and son, Calum and Archie Mcgillvray at the show on Saturday.16_t29Lismore12_ After Rosemary MacCormick forgot to bring her dog to the show, she improvised and with the help from John Carmichael, who found her a ‘lead’, she entered herself.16_t29Lismore1316_t29OceanExplorer0116_t29OceanExplorer0216_t29OceanExplorer0316_t29SAMS0116_t29SAMS02

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