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Created 28-Aug-18
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06_a35CowalGames0215_Oban Games_21_Egg and spoon15_Oban Games_22_Allison Harper15_Oban Games_23_Lukasz Wenta15_Oban Games_24_Caber tossing15_Oban Games_25_Caber tossing15_Oban Games_26_Caber tossing15_Oban Games_27_Caber tossing15_Oban Games_28_800m_Ewan Dyer_Rebecca Burns15_Oban Games_28_Caber tossing15_Oban Games_29_Allan Smith15_Oban Games_30_Tug of war judge_Dave Dalgleish15_Oban Games_31_Strathardle tug of war team15_Oban Games_32_Tug of war15_Oban Games_33_Tug or war_Rope broke15_Oban Games_34_Hurling the stone15_Oban Games_35_Heave15_Oban Games_35_Tying the knot15_Oban Games_36_Tug of war_Mended rope15_Oban Games_36_Tug of war_Oban High

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