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Created 6-Oct-17
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15_T40_Atlantis Leisure's 25th birthday party_01_Retiring mascot Alf hands over to Leo15_T40_Atlantis Leisure's 25th birthday party_02_Aimee Didcock shares a joke with mascots Alf and Leo, whose name she chose15_T40_Atlantis Leisure's 25th birthday party_04_Children performed a surprise synchronised dance15_T40_Atlantis Leisure's 25th birthday party_05_Revealing the name of the wee ship in the new under five's playpark - Salty Dog15_T40_Atlantis Leisure's 25th birthday party_14_Prizewinning cakes15_T40_Atlantis Leisure's 25th birthday party_15_Prizewinning cakes17_t40BorntoMove0217_t40BorntoMove0317_t40BorntoMove0417_t40BorntoMove0517_t40_BorntoMove0117_t40_Gordon and Robert0117_t40_Gordon and Robert0217_t40_Gordon Buchanan0117_t40_Gordon Buchanan0217_t40_Gordon Buchanan03KM_T40Brendan for team simba01KM_T40Brendan for team simba02

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