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16_MOD42ep1_Port Ellen sisters Eva, 12, and Charlet Rose, 8, Munro both competed in solo singing and poetry competitions on Monday16_MOD42ep2_Riona MacInnes of Oban competed in the learners' poetry, 7-8 years16_MOD42ep3_Seven-year-old Logan Newall from Coatbridge was delighted with his win in the learners' poetry 7-8 years16_MOD42ep4_Lochaline friends, from left, Isla MacKechnie, Layla MacIntyre and Verity Lawrence had a great Mod16_MOD42ep5_Oban's Elio MacGregor competed in conversation and poetry competitions16_MOD42ep6_Calum Michael Morrison, 5, of Sgoil Ghaidhlig Ghlaschu with the Phemie Wilson Memorial Trophy for learners' poetry 5-6 years_Michael's father, Malky, hails from Tarbert, Harris16_MOD42ep7_Millie Bonniwell, right, from North Connel is congratulated by fellow Bun-Sgoil Achadh na Creige pupil Neha Toledo after winning the Joan Campbell Memorial Trophy for solo singing 5-6 year16_MOD42ep8_Millie Bonniwell, aged 6, from North Connel won the Joan Campbell Memorial Trophy for solo singing 5-6 years learners16_MOD42ep9_Andrew MacPhail, 11, from Dunbeg won the Dunoon Observer Medal for boys solo singing 11-12 years16_MOD42ep10_An Comunn Gaidhealach vice president Danny MacRae was taxi driver on Monday in the Mod car, donated for the week by Dickson Inverness car dealer Alasdair Barnett, a former mod gold medall16_MOD42ep11_The Dugdale family, siblings Alexander, 12, Kathryn, 9, and Jacob, 7, from Tobermory were competing in solo singing and poetry competitions_All three sing with Coisir Og Tobair Mhoire16_MOD42ep12_Oliver Clark and little sister Aoibheann from St Columba's Primary Schhol in Oban both competed in the solo singing 7-8 years learners16_MOD42ep13_Fort William's James MacRaild won the solo singing for 7-8 years learners_The Bun-sgoil Ghaidhlig Loch Abar pupil is tutored by his school teacher mother, Christine, a native of South Uis16_MOD42ep14_Bun-sgoil Ghaighlig Loch Abar won the Donald MacDonald Memorial Trophy for under-13 drama16_MOD42ep15_De a-Nis [insert question mark] presenter Kim Carnie, who is originally from Oban, interviews brother and sister Matthew and Caitlin Gilmour Wright16_MOD42ep16_Glasgow's Isla Thoms won the Maybury Gardens Cup for solo signing, 11 years, fluent16_MOD42ep17_Some of the girls from the Lewis-based choir Coisir Eilean Fhraoich get into the swing of things16_MOD42ep18_Coisir Og Mhalaig with teacher and conductor Sarah Macleod16_MOD42ep19_Sgoil Sir E Scott, from Tarbert, Harris16_MOD42ep20_Oban's Coisir Bun-sgoil Achadh na Creige, from the Rockfield Gaelic Medium Unit

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